How Accurate Is A Colt 45?

How much did a Colt 45 cost in 1860?

The Colt 1860 cost approximately $20 per revolver.

This was rather expensive during the 1860s, both for the United States Army and private citizens..

Will a 45 long colt kill a black bear?

45 long colt was mainly a short range pistol round used in the old west. … 45 Colt can be loaded to levels that may be sufficiently powerful enough to shoot Black Bear at close range. The aforementioned loads will exceed the power levels of the vaunted . 44 Remington Magnum (yes, that Magnum).

Is a 45 Long Colt more powerful than a 44 Magnum?

45 Colt has a muzzle energy of 321 ft-lbs and at 50 yards maintains 300 ft-lbs. … 45 Colt rounds that are stronger than certain . 44 Magnum round, but for similar rounds from the same product line, you will find the . 44 Magnum is the more powerful option.

Can I shoot 45 long colt in a 454 casull?

454 Casull pistol can also shoot . 45 Colt ammunition, much as a . 44 Magnum revolver can also shoot . … 454 Casull as a standard cartridge until 1998, when the maximum average pressure was set at 65,000 psi.

How much did a Colt 45 cost in 1873?

In 1873 the Colt SAA sold for $17.50. The complete kit with a holster and some ammunition could be covered by a $20 gold piece.

What does the 45 mean in Colt 45?

45 Long Colt, . 45 LC, or 11.43×33mmR, is a rimmed straight-walled handgun cartridge dating to 1872. It was originally a black-powder revolver round developed for the Colt Single Action Army revolver. … 45 Colt.

What has more power 45 or 357?

The fact remains that the 357 is more powerful than 45ACP. It is a more capable field cartridge when dealing with animals and is most certainly more capable than 45ACP. There is a reason why almost all police carried 357’s over 45 revolvers.

What can a 45 long colt kill?

tahunua001 Member. a 45 long colt will kill anything in north america short of a bison within 100 yards…anyone that says that that a 45lc wont kill deer are the same guys that say you need a 357 or larger for home defense.

Is there a difference in 45 colt and 45 long colt?

After that the only difference between the names is that they both refer to exactly the same round, which means that they can be fired from the same firearms designed to handle either name. … 45 Colt is the original cartridge name. It began to be called 45 Long Colt to avoid confusion with the . 45 ACP cartridge.

Is .45 Colt good for self defense?

The . 45 Colt also makes a perfectly viable self-defense handgun; the case is fully capable of firing the 185 and 230-grain bullets designed for use in the . 45 ACP, which are equally effective and affordable.

Is a 45 Long Colt more powerful than a 45 ACP?

In comparison, a standard 45 ACP cartridge has a 230 grain bullet and 850 fps muzzle velocity, giving it 369 ft lbs muzzle energy. The 45 Long Colt is effectively a more powerful cartridge, but with a 1911 you get seven shots in the magazine instead of six in the cylinder. … The 45 Long Colt has a . 452” bullet.

What is the effective range of a Colt 45?

The 7.5 inch barreled 45 Colt revolver could be ethical for a good shooter out to 35-40 yards I think.

What gun did Doc Holliday use?

Kilmer’s Doc carries an ivory-gripped, nickelplated Model 1877 Colt Lightning/Thunderer double-action revolver in a shoulder holster as his first weapon of choice. He also carries an ivory-gripped Colt Single Action Army model in a hip holster.

What alcohol is Colt 45?

Colt 45 (malt liquor)ManufacturerPabst Brewing CompanyIntroduced1963Alcohol by volume5.6%StyleMalt liquorWebsitecolt45maltliquor.com2 more rows

Why is a 44 Magnum more powerful than a 45?

which is bigger, 44/100ths of an inch or 45/100ths? There is your answer. The magnum refers to the large cartrdiges, holding far more powder, thus generating far greater energy than the slightly larger caliber bullet of the . 45.

Can I shoot 45 Long Colt in my 410 shotgun?

Most . 410 bore shotguns are not proofed for the pressures generated by the . 45 Colt cartridge. The maximum chamber pressure for standard .

Will 45 Colt kill deer?

45 Long Colt – The premier revolver cartridge of the black powder era, it remained our most powerful handgun cartridge until the advent of the . … 45 Colt carbines being offered for the first time. Although it will kill deer at very short range, the . 45 LC is a poor choice for deer hunting.

What is a 45 long colt good for?

45 Colt. Colt revolvers, Colt clones and similar handguns, are designed to operate at about 14,000 psi. The hefty revolvers, like select Ruger and Freedom Arms guns, can handle much higher pressures, around the 25,000 psi range. … 45 Colt to be quite useful as a defensive and handgun-hunting round.