How Much Commission Do They Make On Selling Sunset?

How much does an episode of Sunset sell for?

Salaries can range from approximately $450 to $1,000 per episode.

Stause also appeared in more than a dozen television series too..

How much commission do the selling sunset agents make?

How much commission to the Selling Sunset agents make? When they’re not causing drama and gossiping on Selling Sunset, the seven Oppenheim Group agents have collectively made nearly $6million (£4.6million) in commission.

Which selling sunset agent makes the most money?

Ranked: The most successful Selling Sunset agents, by the commission they earnDavina Potratz – $2,250,000. … Mary Fitzgerald – $1,124,250. … Christine Quinn – $932,400. … Chrishell Stause – $539,670. … Heather Young – $460,770. … Maya Vander – $440,700. … Amanza Smith – $247,500.

How much is Christine from selling sunset worth?

Christine might be the biggest personality on the show, but her net worth is, ahem, not. The realtor is worth $500,000, per Before joining the Oppenheim Group, she worked in fashion and entertainment.

Did the 75 million dollar house sell on selling sunset?

Jason said Adnan had praised Davina for landing the $75million property, but Selling Sunset only showed the billionaire client shutting her down. … “Other unique features include an impressive futuristic automated awning surrounding the property which can control the natural ambient lighting, and a separate 2,690 sq. ft.

Who is the richest girl on selling sunset?

Meanwhile, Stause is the runner up as the richest star on Selling Sunset, with a net worth of $5 million. She has earned commission on $15 million of real estate, and she earns a pretty penny for her Instagram presence as well — according to Film Daily, up to $3,000 per post.

Did Romain cheat on Mary selling sunset?

Romain Bonnet did not cheat on Mary Fitzgerald. Mary was unhappy after Romain’s Las Vegas bachelor party when she discovered that women had been invited into Romain’s suite after he assured her it would not happen. … For more on Romain Bonnet and his relationship with Mary Fitzgerald, read on.

Who bought the 44 million house?

A few days later, Variety reported that the buyers were Tom and Lisa Bilyeu, the cofounders of Quest Nutrition. Quest Nutrition sold to Atkins in August 2019 for $1 billion, giving the Bilyeus a hefty payslip to buy their new home.

What is Christine Quinn’s net worth?

Christine’s net worth is estimate to be around $2 million (£1.6 million).

How much are selling sunset cast worth?

Davina Potratz, who has previously worked as a model and has worked as a realtor for 10 years, is also worth around $2 million (£1.6 million). Meanwhile, Fitzgerald, former model Heather Rae Young, newcomer Amanza Smith and multi-tasking Maya Vander, are thought to be worth $1 million (£800,000) each.

Who bought the $40 million house on selling sunset?

Season three reveals it was actually Jason who landed the sale, and he made the announcement at a Thanksgiving dinner. The article in the Los Angeles Times shows stunning photos of the house, which is in Hollywood Hills, on Hillside Avenue.