Quick Answer: How Can I Get A Copy Of My IRDA License Online?

What is IRDA certificate?

Individual Agents An individual agent is one who has undergone requisite training, passed an examination and been duly licensed by IRDA to sell insurance polices to the public and provide after-sales service including assisting at the time of a claim.

His licence may be for life insurance, general insurance or both..

How can I check my IRDA license status?

Application under process by IRDA….To view Applications Status:Click Surveyor – Individual tab. If you are a corporate surveyor, click Surveyor – Corporate tab.Click View Application Status tab. The View Application Status screen is displayed.The status of the application is displayed in Application Status column.

What is the validity of IRDA Licence?

three yearsIRDA certificate is valid for a period of three years. No. Candidates need not write exam for Certificate Renewal. They have to undergo 25 hours of practical training in order to renew the certificate for another block of 3 years.

How can I get IRDA license?

In order to obtain a new surveyor license, you need to fill and submit an application form to IRDA along with the scanned copies of the supporting documents. IRDA reviews and validates the application and then, approves or rejects it.

What is the fees of IRDA exam?

The registration fee for attending the IRDA agent exam is Rs. 700/-. Exam fee for attending the test is Rs. 250/-.

What is the passing marks for IRDA exam?

Measure intended to attract more advisors to insurance. Measure intended to attract more advisors to insurance. IRDA has reduced the passing mark for the pre-recruitment examination of insurance agents from 50 percent to 35 percent.

What is IC 38 exam?

IC38 is a subject related to Insurance Industry. IC38 exam is conducted for people who want to become insurance adviser in any Insurance company. IC38 Subject contains all basic aspect of Life, Health and General Insurance industry. This Subject starts with inception of insurance to Reinsurance.

How can I write IRDA exam?

IRDA 2020 Exam Application FormCandidates who are interested to apply for IRDA exam will have to apply through online mode.Before applying for IRDA exam, the interested candidate has to get 50-hours training from a training institute which is IRDA approved to act as a Life or General Insurance agent.More items…

How can I get my IRDA license copy online?

Duplicate LicenseClick Surveyor – Individual tab.Click Licensing tab.On the Licensing screen, click Duplicate License. The Duplicate License screen is displayed. It contains the license number and the expiry date of your license. All the mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

How do I download my IRDA score card?

Visit the official website of IRDA. The link for downloading the IRDA Admit Card 2020 will be available on the homepage or career section. Candidates can click on the IRDA Admit Card 2020 link and enter their login credentials. On successful submission IRDA Admit Card 2020 will be downloaded.

How can I get IRDA exam result?

How to Download IRDA Insurance Agent Result?First of all, visit the official website that is www.irdai.gov.in.After that, move your cursor to “What’s New” section.Hit on the “Results of Insurance Agent Written Exam” link.More items…•

Is IRDA exam tough?

Pulkit, it is not tough. Don’t take it casually, be serious , that’s all. It I not designed for super intelligent. It is more to judge whether you have acquired basic theoretical knowledge.