What Country Has 3 Letters In Its Name?

What country has 3 A’s in its name?

Can you name the Countries with exactly three A’s in their name?Country% CorrectAustralia56.6%Albania45.9%Afghanistan41.1%United States of America33.3%20 more rows.

What country has 5 words in its name?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has five words and four bonus words. Some examples are: India, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Chile, Gabon, Congo, Ghana, Benin, Qatar, China, Nepal, Japan, etc.

What country has the fewest letters?

Papua New GuineaLanguage with the shortest alphabet: Rotokas (12 letters). Approx. 4300 people speak this East Papuan language. They live primarily in the Bougainville Province of Papua New Guinea.

What country has 6 letters in its name?

Europe has many countries that have six-letter names. They include Sweden, France, Poland, Norway, Cyprus, Latvia, Serbia, Greece, Kosovo, and the tiny coastal country of Monaco. Two transcontinental countries, located in Europe and Asia, have six letters: Turkey and, the world’s largest country, Russia.

What countries have 9 letters?

9 Letter CountriesArgentina.Australia.Cape Verde.Costa Rica.East Timor.Guatemala.Indonesia.Lithuania.More items…

How many countries have the letter Z in their name?

Fifteen countriesFifteen countries have a Z in their name.

How many 5 letter countries are there?

In total, there are 24 countries around the world with five letters in their names.

What country has only 4 letters?

Other 4 Letter Countries Other countries that have a four letter name are: Chad, Fiji, Iran, Laos, Mali, Niue, Oman, and Togo. Asia has the majority (four) of these nations, while Africa has three. Two states are located in the South Pacific Ocean, while South America and the Northern Caribbean each have one state.

What countries have 7 letters?

The following countries have seven letters in their names:Germany.Armenia.Hungary.Belgium.Romania.Finland.Ukraine.Estonia.More items…

What country has 11 letters in its name?

Three countries in Asia have eleven letters in their name: Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines. All three countries are located in different parts of the continent, but their names loosely refer to a place.

What city starts with letter A?

List of cities beginning with letter AA Coruña, Spain.Aachen, Germany.Aberdeen, Scotland.Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Adelaide, Australia.Aizuwakamatsu, Japan.Aktobe, Kazakhstan.More items…

Which language has most sound?

Taa languageWith five distinct kinds of clicks, multiple tones and strident vowels — vocalized with a quick choking sound — the Taa language, spoken by a few thousand people in Botswana and Namibia, is believed by most linguists to have the largest sound inventory of any tongue in the world.

What are 4 countries?

Four-nation quadripointsBotswana–Namibia–Zambia–Zimbabwe.Cameroon–Chad–Nigeria–United Kingdom.Algeria–Mali–Mauritania.Andorra.Argentina.Austria–Germany.Bangladesh–India.Belgium–Netherlands.More items…

What are 3 countries with exactly 4 letters in their name?

In alphabetical order, the four letter countries are…Chad.Cuba.Fiji.Iran.Iraq.Laos.Mali.Niue.More items…

What country has the longest name?

Often referred to as the UK, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the longest country name, boasting of 56 characters. The UK is a sovereign country situated on the northwestern coast of Europe.

What country begins with Z?

ZambiaCountries that start with “Z”#CountryArea (Km²)1Zambia743,3902Zimbabwe386,850

Which language has more letters in the world?

KhmerWell, it’s Khmer! The language with the largest alphabet in the world belongs to Cambodian language, Khmer and is 74 characters long. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, 1995, the Khmer alphabet is the largest alphabet in the world. It consists of 33 consonants, 23 vowels, and 12 independent vowels.

What countries have 10 letters?

10 Letter CountriesAzerbaijan.Bangladesh.El Salvador.Kazakhstan.Kyrgyzstan.Luxembourg.Madagascar.Mauritania.More items…

What 4 states have 4 letters?

The four-letter states in the United States are Iowa, Utah and Ohio.

What countries have 8 letters in their name?

Travel east from South America to Africa, and you will find several countries whose letters have eight names. They include Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Botswana, Djibouti, and Ethiopia.

What country has the letter A?

ArgentinaCountries that start with “A”#CountryDensity (P/Km²)1Argentina172Algeria183Afghanistan604Angola267 more rows

What are 5 countries starting with C?

CCabo Verde.Cambodia.Cameroon.Canada.Central African Republic.Chad.Chile.China.More items…

What is the name of 7 country?

By most standards, there is a maximum of seven continents – Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America.

How many countries are there in the world?

195How many countries are there in the world? Since South Sudan became an independent state on July 9, 2011, there are now 195 independent sovereign nations in the world (not including the disputed but de facto independent Taiwan), plus some 60 dependent areas, and several disputed territories, like Kosovo.

What place has 4 A’s in it?

Can you name the most populous cities in the USA containing at least 4 ‘A’s in their name?PopulationCity% Correct99,553Santa Maria73.2%50,193Niagara Falls49.4%31,731Walla Walla43.5%47,853Rancho Santa Margarita33.9%16 more rows

What language has the largest alphabet?

KhmerThe language with the most letters is Khmer (Cambodian), with 74 (including some without any current use).

What are the 197 countries?

So UN full-members 193 + 2 observers + Taiwan & Kosovo = 197. Some like to include Western Sahara, Somaliland and other countries of questionable or not fully recognised status to make a round number like 200.